iTrackHockey App: The best way to track your hockey team’s stats

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iTrackHockey is an easy-to-use App that allows coaches, parents, fans and scouts to track players’ and teams’ performance (record hockey stats).

Hockey coaches typically use an arsenal of tools to improve their players and deliver results.  These important tools include the ability to track and learn from players’ performance as well as review and analyze historical information obtained throughout games against opponents.

iTrackHockey collects all the required game information simply by recording easy screen ‘taps’ on your mobile device during a hockey game.  By simplifying the data collection process and delivering visual and statistical results, iTrackHockey can enhances anyone’s ability to easily access historical game and player information:

·     Track players’, location, and quantity of shots on-net and missed shots

·     Track goals, assists and points

·     View a replay of shot history (taken by both your players and your opponents)

·     View team and individual player stats on shots, missed shots, goals, assists, and face-offs (complete hockey statistics for minor hockey)

·     Review previous games against opponents before your next game

During a game, the App operates completely offline and no connectivity is required.  Subsequently, the user can upload their game statistics to the cloud and automatically receive a detailed, 12-page report detailing every aspects of the game plus year-to-date totals such as:

-      Games played

-      Goals breakdown (regular-strength, power-play, short-handed)

-      Points breakdown (regular-strength, power-play, short-handed)

-      Shots / misses

-      Plus/minus

-      Penalty totals (and location on ice)

-      Face-off totals (and location on ice)

The iTrackHockey App also includes stats and shots/goals replay, allowing a coach to see the progression of shots/goals throughout the game.

iTrackHockey was developed by a team of hockey parents, coaches, and fans.  We were looking for a hockey stat collection App that would be easy to use. Since we couldn’t find one – we decided to develop iTrackHockey.

Is iTrackHockey free?

iTrackHockey started as a simple quest to find a better way to collect stats for our teams and kids, and expanded into an App that can be used by anyone.  We spent over a year developing and perfecting the software in order to make it easy to use, yet very useful and comprehensive.

iTrackHockey allows a new user to record information for 3 free games, including the comprehensive report which summarizes your game and season statistics.  Additional games can be purchased for $0.99 per game (as a comparison, a small cup of coffee at the arena costs $1.50).

We’re continuing to develop and enhance new features, so check back for periodic updates!  We’re happy to share iTrackHockey with you, the hockey players, parents, coaches, fans, and scouts.  We hope that you’ll have as much fun with it as we do.

Download iTrackHockey from the App Store or Google Play Store or visit us as