SENSE ARENA announces the launch of VIRTUAL REALITY HOCKEY TRAINING IN NORTH AMERICA. The first VR Hockey Experience Showcase will debut at the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show CES, Las Vegas Jan. 8-11, 2019.

Sense Arena welcomes you to visit their booth at CES, where they will offer free trials of state of the art VR technology designed specifically for hockey training and diagnostics. They plan to bring hockey training to a whole new level.

“The technology and the reality of the environment are just amazing and so far, we’ve only seen half of what Sense Arena can be further developed into! I would definitely encourage you to try Sense Arena - you have to try it to believe it,” said Boston Bruins David Pastrnak.

Sense Arena is a unique, powerful and innovative tool for developing hockey players, designed to improve their cognitive skills and overall “hockey sense.” The system allows players to simulate game situations, while focusing on reaction speed and decision making skills to test a player’s hockey intelligence.

"The brain is the most important ‘muscle’ in an athlete’s body. Every command to our bodies starts in the brain. Improving cognitive functions of players is going to be the new game changer. VR gives you the benefit to work on speed of reaction, decision making, reading of the game etc.,” said Bob Tetiva, Sense Arena Founder and CEO.

The system has been developed with extensive input from respected hockey coaches and professional players, i.e. Bruin’s Right Winger - David Pastrnak and NHL ex pro-player Jan Ludvig, current Bruins Pro Scout.