Is William Nylander's Holdout Smart?

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The Sniper’s Perspective

So everyone is aware of the William Nylander hold out. He is currently asking for 8 million per season and the Leafs are offering up to 7 per season for 8 years. If he had his way, he would receive 64 million over those 8 years, if the leafs had their way it would be 56.

So while Nylander is holding out for that contract that would pay him an extra 8 million over 8 years, he is currently not receiving any money at all this season. So instead of being paid 7 million this season, he is receiving 0.

Does it make sense to hold out for that extra 1 million per season? So what if he holds out for the entire year, now he’s a year older, didn’t play in the NHL for a full year, do you think he is worth the 8 million then? If anything that would lower his value right? A full year not competing at the top level of hockey. Or what about this scenario, he is currently working out and practicing with a European team, what happens if he gets injured? A season ending injury, that will cause him to go into next summers negotiation with not having played hockey at all for an entire season, and not competing at the top level of hockey.

For a 22 year old to be worried and holding out this long over 1 million extra per season, when the contract offered by the Leafs is 56 over 8 years, seems a little silly, especially with the risk factors and when you consider this contract will bring him to age 30, and he still has another 7-10 years after which he could most likely still make another 7-15 million per season after. It is not as if this will be the final contract of his life and the Leafs are trying to pay him peanuts.

But high risk, high reward right?