Is Gretzky Truly The Great One?


I was scrolling through Reddit when I came through this interesting stat someone mentioned, and I thought it would be an interest to you all as well. 

Some people always talk about how good Gretzky was, would he survive in todays game, was he even good enough to compete in today’s game etc.. well… Listen to this.

During Gretzky’s career he played in 1487 games, recording 2857 points, which is averaging 1.92 points per game. If he chose to never retire, and continued playing until today, that would have been another 1360 regular season games. If he played in all these games and did not record a SINGLE point, it would have just been this past season that he became a less than point per game player. 19 years! It would have taken 19 years for Gretzky to become under a point per game. 

To put into perspective only 5 current players who have played at least 500 games are over a point per game.

Sidney Crosby: GP: 864   Points: 1116  P/GP: 1.29

Evgeni Malkin: GP: 784   Points: 930   P/GP: 1.18

Alex Ovechkin: GP: 1003   Points: 1122  P/GP: 1.12

Patrick Kane: GP: 822   Points: 828  P/GP: 1.007

Steven Stamkos: GP: 664  Points: 668   P/GP: 1.006

Those are some pretty big names, lets see what their point per game would be if they played an additional 19 years without getting a single point! 

So yes, Gretzky is truly.... the GREAT ONE. 



Story credit: Integral Hockey