Pacioretty Has Finally Been Traded!


Finally after months and months of waiting and months and months of rumours, Pacioretty has been TRADED to the Vegas Golden Knights!

Has Bergervin finally made a good trade? Lets break it down.



Pacioretty is a proven goal scorer and is going to make a great addition to any team that he is on, so the Vegas Golden Knights just added a great player to their roster who is capable of scoring 30+ goals. 

But this is where it gets interesting … and Montreal fans, listen close. You just traded a 30 goal scorer, for a 20 goal scorer, a 2ndround pick, and a grade A prospect who is … listen for it .. a CENTER. Montreal you just traded for a center. Suzuki may not be the fix of the teams down the middle needs this season, but he certainly is a top 6 center in the upcoming year or two. He is a very talented player, and Montreal has just made a great move.

Personally I don’t understand it from a Vegas perspective as they are not exactly stock piled in prospects, and continuing to trade away picks and prospects is a little weird in my eyes, considering what they did last year, you would think they would just wait and let their team develop and move forward with the team they already had. But we will see.

Folks, we had a trade, and it was finally a trade that was positive for the Canadiens. 

If … they play Suzuki at center.