The Rise Of Galchenyuk With The Yotes


The Snipers Perspective

So, who remembers the center drafted 3rd overall by the Montreal Canadiens in 2012, to become a center. His name is Alex Galchenyuk. I remember Galchenyuk, but never him being a center. Oh wait, I do, in 2015-16 he played center, and scored 30 goals and 56 points. Was he ever put back in that position? No. 

Why might you ask? The coach saw him as a defensive liability. A 22 year old, still learning the game. You learn by making mistakes, and they never gave him the chance to learn from them, instead they punished him by immediately removing him from a position that made him the 3rdoverall pick. Do you think Crosby wasn’t a defensive liability when he joined the league? Of course he was! Now look at him, hes one of the greatest two-way players in the game.  

I believe the Canadiens are going to suffer for this mistake. 

The GM of the Coyotes instantly announced they will be letting Galchenyuk play center with the Yotes. He is going to Arizona with the potential to be a superstar, he is playing in a market with no where near the amount of pressure he had in Montreal, and joining a team of young players like himself who are full of talent. 

He will be starting off at second line center most likely between Strome and Perlini, and I can see him moving up to play with Keller very quickly. 

I am very anxious to see him become the center he was meant to be, drafted to be, and has the potential to be. And it may not be next season but in the 2019-2020 season when the Coyotes have centers Stepan, Galchenyuk, Strome & Dvorak all playing to their potential, Arizona will be one scary team.


My prediction for Galchenyuk next season is 25 goals 40 assists. Then surpassing both in the 2019-2020 season. You heard it here first!