Ultimate GM Challenge Rules

The Ultimate GM Challenge

How it works

Free entry and Top performers qualify for the year end grand prize. People will select from a Bi-weekly UGMC where they will be able to view how they are doing on www.wheelhousehockey.org

Bi-Weekly – Top 2 people qualify

Every Friday, people will be able to submit their new teams, they will have until Sunday at Midnight EASTERN to have their picks in. Any submissions after midnight will be disqualified.

You can only use your email once per GM sheet, multiple entries with the same email will not be accepted as valid submissions.

If you win a week, it's not over yet for you! You can qualify more than once to help better your odds. (You can still only use your email once per week) 


Every person will be submitting a team of 6 Forwards, 4 Defensemen and 1 Goalie in each division. With 1 bonus player called the "Wildcard" who can be selected from any conference.

Format will look like this
F1 –Player A F2- Player B F3- Player C
D1- Player A D2 – Player B
G- Goalie

EASTERN – Atlantic
F1 –Player A F2- Player B  F3- Player C
D1- Player A D2 – Player B
G- Goalie

WESTERN- Central

F1 –Player A F2- Player B F3- Player C
D1- Player A D2 – Player B
G- Goalie

WESTERN- Pacific

F1 –Player A F2- Player B F3- Player C
D1- Player A D2 – Player B
G- Goalie

Wild Card**

Player’s Name

** Wildcard can be a player from either conference.

You can only select a player once per submission form, if the same player is picked twice, it will be disqualified.

Everyone must submit Team name, First and last name and valid email address.



Forwards/ Defensemen

  • Scoring will be straight points.


  • Wins

  • Shutouts

Tie Breaker

  • Every player must submit the "Total goals scored" for Saturday night's games. (all goals Saturday night)

  • If players remain tied it will go into the "shootout" where players will select "Total goals scored for Sunday"

  • If tie remains by end of this the remaining players will be placed in a random name generator to settle the winner for that time frame.



Once all the qualifiers are in we will start the playoffs to determine the winner!

Every person will have to submit 1 team for the playoffs consisting of 

12 Forwards

6 Defensemen

The person with the most points (Goals and assists) when the Stanley cup is won, wins it all!

Tie breakers

Tie breaker 1 - Cup winner

Tie breaker 2 - Final score of last game of season

Tie breaker 3 - will be decided on week that they won total points

Tie Breaker 4 - If time remains we will enter the tied teams into random name selector to determine the winner*


Grand Prize

TBD but $100+ for now.