*NEWS* Bobby Ryan Another Hand Injury?

Screenshot 2018-09-28 09.20.26.png

If you read the text above, Bobby Ryan blocked a shot last night and hurt his hand. But luckily he stayed in the game! But we all know hockey players, they die on the bench and ask to be put back in.

With all drama this team has had this offseason, its tough to keep writing about the Senators but topics just keep appearing and I doubt this will be the last.

While Ryan hasn’t been the star player he was meant to be when brought in from Anaheim, he does still play a significant role on the team. With all the subtractions on the team this year, Bobby Ryan will most likely be seeing more ice time playing a larger role with the team.

Over the past few years, it seems like Ryan’s finger has never healed. I do not know if its the same finger constantly, but every year it seems as though he has a broken finger and is either unable to play because of the pain, or his game is seriously affected by it. So lets hope that this isn’t already one of those issues and it was just something that he had to, as many coaches say “walk it off”.