BREAKING NEWS: Hurricanes Contact Leafs About Nylander

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With the season starting so soon, the contract negotiations between Nylander and the Leafs are getting a little scary. With so much hope for the Leafs going into this season with the signing of Tavares, they are now in tears with the thought of potentially losing Nylander. Nylander is apparently asking for 8+ million per season, and in today’s NHL he is worth it. Back to back 61 point seasons at the age of 22, he has more than proved he is a valuable asset to the team and with great chemistry with the teams superstar Auston Matthews, it would affect his play as well losing Nylander.

Unless the Hurricanes are offering newly drafted Andrei Svechnikov i dont see any valuable returns for Nylander. But this may be the chance for the Leafs to acquire the top 2 right handed defencemen in Justin Faulk, which would be very positive for the leafs, but at the expense of Nylander I still believe fans would be rather upset!