Kovalchuk Returns With Intensity!



One of the major signings this offseason was the Russian superstar returning from the KHL Ilya Kovalchuk to the L.A Kings. There was a lot of speculation around Kovalchuk if he would still be able to compete at an elite level. Perhaps his time in the KHL, a league not quite at the level in the NHL has affected his game. Perhaps he is now to old to play in the National Hockey League. Well, i believe those questions have been answered. Please click the link below to see a goal he scored last night, vintage Kovalchuk taking it end to end just like he is still 20 years old!


I will admit that I personally was one of the people thinking that he would not be able to come back over to the NHL and compete like he once did. He did lead the KHL in points in multiple seasons, but the KHL is not the NHL and he was always known as a goal scorer, and he did not exactly light the lamp in the KHL like he has done in past years in the NHL.

But if he can bring that level of talent he showed last night into the season and hopefully the playoffs, I will happily admit that I was wrong.

Welcome back Kovalchuk!