Josh Ho-Sang Calls Out His General Manager

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When Josh Ho-Sang was drafted in 2014 he was considered one of the most skilled players in the draft, but fell far in the rankings because of his terrible attitude. The Islanders took a chance on him still, drafting him 28th overall pick. Since then Ho-Sang has gotten into 43 NHL games with the Islanders scoring 6 goals and 22 points.

When a player with an attitude problem calls out a general manager, that does not bode well. To get called up to the NHL you need to show you deserve it, and we all know Lou Lamoriello’s strictness, do you think being called out is going to make him bring Ho-Sang to the big leagues? Absolutely not. And if you really want to do this, you need to make sure you have the numbers to back it up, and since leaving junior, Ho-Sang has played in 109 AHL games, scoring 18 goals and 71 points. This season he has currently played 9 games, has 4 assists and is a -8 +/-. Does that sound like someone who has the numbers to back up his words? Absolutely not.

Ho-Sang needs to close his mouth and begin focussing on improving his game, and be ready when that chance eventually comes. Your playing professional hockey, be happy.