WHO IS BETTER: Connor McDavid Or Austin Matthews?

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Ray Ferarro made a comment the other day that McDavid was better than Matthews, and the internet blew up about it. So yesterday, we held a poll to see who, you the fans thought was better. But before we discuss the results of the poll, lets look deeper into each young superstars stats.

Let’s keep in mind that both of these players are ONLY 21 years old, and to even be considered in the top 2 in the league at the moment is an amazing accomplishment, especially when it feels like everyone is forgetting about Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos, Kucherov, Laine, Kane etc..

We will bold the Winners of the (Per game stat)

Lets start with Connor McDavid:

Career Games played: 211

Goals: 88 (0.417)

Assists: 171 (0.81)

Points: 259 (1.227)

PPP: 62 (0.293)

SHP: 6 (0.0284)

Shots: 636 (3.014)

Hits: 74 (0.35)

BkS: 85 (0.40)

TkA: 223 (1.0568)

Negative stat: GvA: 140 (0.663)

Now lets look at Austin Matthews

Career Games played: 149

Goals: 83 (0.557)

Assists: 61 (0.409)

Points: 144 (0.966)

PPP: 39 (0.261)

SHP: 0 (0)

Shots: 483 (3.241)

Hits: 39 (0.261)

BkS: 129 (0.865)

TkA: 142 (0.953)

Negative stat: GvA: 107 (0.718)

Of the 9 categories: On calculating the per game stats, McDavid wins 6/9 of the categories. He also wins the “Negative stat” by having less giveaways per game, so technically 7/10.

So while many Maple Leaf fans do not want to hear this, as of this current day, McDavid is the better player statistically speaking.

Here is what our followers though in the poll as well.

Screenshot 2018-10-12 11.27.30.png

While this stat could change in a few years, we do not know. But what we do know, right now, is both these players are amazing, and the future of the National Hockey League.