Former 30 goal scorer searching for massive raise!

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According to Jeremy White of the WGR Buffalo, Buffalo Sabres winger Jeff Skinner is looking for his next contract to be valued at 9-9.5 million per season.

This contract value would put him in the same category of these players; PK Subban (9m), Malkin (9.5), Jamie Benn (9.5), Nikita Kucherov (9.5) & Alex Ovechkin (9.538). Paying him MORE than players such as: Sidney Crosby (8.7), Steven Stamkos (8.5), Leon Draisaitl (8.5) & Claude Giroux (8.25).

Skinner’s career high in points has been 63 points in 2010-11 & 16-17, while also setting a career high in goals in 16-17 with 37. But unfortunately followed those 37 goals & 63 points were followed up in 2017-18 with 24 goals 49 points and a terrible -27 plus/minus.

In my opinion it would be difficult to pay a player whos career high has been 63 points that amount of money. While he is currently having a great season, with 14 goals, 21 points in 20 games, its still i believe unrealistic. Especially when considering that William Nylander who is currently only 22 and has back to back 61 point seasons is asking for 8 million per season, and the leafs are REFUSING.

Their are two players to compare Skinners contract wishes to and those players are Nikita Kucherov and Leon Draisaitl. Kucherov, currently coming off a 100 point season signed an 8 year contract for 9.5 million per season. The season before that he had 40 goals 85 points, and before that 30 goals 66 points. Which proves this player just keeps getting better. While Draisaitl as well has just signed an 8 year contract worth 8.5 per season, and is coming off back to back 70+ point seasons.

How can anyone even consider paying Jeff Skinner as much as Kucherov and more than Draisaitl?

The contract that is ideal for Skinner is what James Van Riemsdyk signed this offseason. A cap hit of 7.5 million. They are the same style of player and have had pretty identical numbers their entire career. But adding in the factor that Skinner is 4 years younger than JVR adds some value as well, so look for Skinner to sign in the range of 7.5-8 per season.