HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Power Rankings #26



Team Power Rankings: #26 The Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks, once a team that won 3 cups in 6 years, a dynasty. What has happened to these guys? Well, its simple. After winning the team was forced to pay their leaders/star players massive contracts, which were well deserved after what they had accomplished, and now the team is suffering from it. Also to make those runs, the team would trade away prospects/assets for rentals and lose players in the offseason. Which, how can you complain? The team was living the high life for those 6 years. And face it fans, you would sacrifice missing the playoffs for a few years if it meant you won 3 cups in 6 years. 


But this article is about the power rankings. Unfortunately, I do not see the Hawks improving off their last seasons record. The team is ageing, the Defence core is no longer elite, and the offensive depth is no where near what it used to be/needs to be. They have a few bright spots in Schmaltz and Debrincat, but that will not be enough to push them above other teams in their division. Perhaps Columbus would like to trade Saad back for Panarin? Ya right. 

The Hawks were a mid pack team last year until Crawford went down, and there are still questions about his health now. The team signed Ward, who has experience as a starter, but has not been the most reliable goaltender over the past few years.

So who knows, the Hawks may surprise everyone, but expect another season of non-playoffs.

But hey. You had 3 cups in 6 years!