HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Power Rankings #28

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Team number 28: The Detroit Redwings

Detroit has much to look forward to in the next few years, you have Mantha, Larkin, Bertuzzi, Athanasiou, Rasmusson and Zadina fell into your lap and he has already made you a certain promise!


But unfortunately this team is still not deep enough to be a contender, or even a playoff bubble team. Also with Zetterberg potentially not playing this year, that is a huge blow to the team. This team is also just no where near where they should be defensively either. Green and Kronwall are long past their prime, Daley is well … Daley and the rest I just don’t have faith in. This team needs serious help on the back end. 

Jimmy Howard has had back to back good seasons, but who knows how long he can keep it up. While the redwings will be good in a few years, this will be another season where they are looking near the bottom.

But don't worry Red wings fans, you will be back to your winning ways soon. As long as they don't hire Garth Snow as GM (he doesn't have a way with defence)

2018/19 Predictions:

Goals: Mantha (31)

Assists: Larkin (50)

Points: Larkin (71)