HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Team Power Rankings #29



Team number 29: The New York Islanders

Team number 29 today may not surprise you, as they have not made the playoffs since the 2015-16 season WITH John Tavares and now you can only imagine how this team is going to be without him. I have heard people say, “oh but they still have Barzal who beat Tavares in points last year.” Yes but what some people don’t realize is, Tavares drew all the hard match ups. Teams would put their top shutdown lines against Tavares which allowed Barzal to have an easier matchup to tear through. Now this season Barzal will have those tough matchups, so lets see how the he does. 


I don’t want to sit here and mock the Islanders because I do believe they have a good future. They have the 2 first round picks they drafted this year in Wahlstrom & Dobson, 2016 first round pick Bellows and Hosang and Dal Colle that can hopefully make an impact. So the future is bright, but im sorry Islanders fans, this will be a rough season for you. But hey, you brought in a cup winning coaching staff!


2018/19 Predictions

Goals: Lee (30)

Assists: Barzal (46)

Points: Barzal (75)