HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Team Power Rankings #11


Team Power Rankings: Anaheim Ducks #11

The Anaheim Ducks have an embarrassing amount of riches when it comes to every position. They have great depth down the middle starting with superstar Ryan Getzlaf, right behind him their is Ryan Kesler, who was questionable for this season, but we have just learned he will be ready soon! Next up is Adam Henrique so is an ideal second line center who is capable of 30 goals, but will be playing 3rd line center because of how good their depth is. Now the team also has rookie Sam Steel looking to take a spot in the lineup, but the team would not play him at center so Carter Rowney would be their ideal 4th line center. The team is full of 2003 draft players who shore up the core, and the team just learned that Corey Perry, long time goal scorer will miss atleast 5 months, but not to worry because the depth of rookies this team has can fill the void until Perry is ready to return. Sam Steel and Troy Terry will add a nice boost of youth energy to this veteran line up.


Moving onto their defence, the Ducks have been unbelievable at drafting defencemen. They always have youth looking to step into the lineup and have had so many that they have been able to trade away youth defencemen like Shea Theodore and not feel the affects of it. Having Fowler, Manson, Montour, Lindholm and veteran Luke Schenn will provide this team with elite defending for years to come on this team.

The Ducks goaltending is also highly above par. When Jon Gibson is healthy he is one of the best young goaltenders in the National Hockey League. The issue is he is constantly leaving games because of injury. If he can solve his injury problems this team would be highly more victorious. But even with Gibson’s injuries, they have Ryan Miller as backup who is still good enough to be a starting goalie in my opinion. So it is safe to say they have one of the, if not the best goal tending tandem in the National Hockey League.

Speed was an issue for this team last season in the playoffs, and with the additions of some of their rookies that could be all it takes to push this team to the finals!

18/19 projections:

Goals: Rakell (36)

Assists: Getzlaf (62)

Points: Getzlaf (84)