What Is Happening To The Ottawa Senators?




I am not personally a Senators fan, but seeing what they had two years ago and what they now have depresses me. If we go down the list of players above, that were protected at the NHL expansion draft, Hoffman, Brassard, Turris, Phaneuf, Captain Karlsson are all gone. Stone and Dzingel are UFA’s which means they can pull a Tavares and walk in free agency, which can be a serious issue for this team as what they have gotten in return for every one of these traded players, are no where near the value of what they were.

How is it a team that was one single goal away from the Stanley Cup Finals, have no sunken so far. Was losing Methot in the entry draft really that bad? Was he the glue that help this whole team together?

All i know is that, its going to be painful to watch the Senators this season, and if Stone and Dzingel walk at the end of next season for no return, the 2019/20 season will be a whole lot worse!