HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Team Power Rankings #16


Team Power Rankings: Edmonton Oilers #16


We have finally reached a playoff team of our team power rankings! This team started last season with many votes being in their favor as the Stanley Cup favourites, boasting the best player in the National Hockey League, Connor McJesus McDavid.

But unfortunately this team just could not get it together last season. First off, how does the team boasted with so many talent, and the leagues leading goal scorer, have the worst power play? The Oilers powerplay percentage last season was 14.8%. Did they forget to put McDavid on the ice for the power play or something? Let’s hope that increases this season.


While this team did not make a lot of offseason acquisitions, backup goalie Mikko Koskinen being the only notable, they still will be greatly improved this season. Last season was a fluke, and McDavid is going to prove it this season. They have two first round draft picks looking to make an impact this season in the top 6 in Yamamoto and Puljujarvi who are tearing up preseason right now, as well as a former junior star who never developed into what he was projected … until now with his chemistry with the McDavid, Ty Rattie. Rattie is absolutely dominating preseason right now and I think the new line of Nugent-Hoptkins – McDavid – Rattie will be a dynamic trio this season!

While this team is still missing that elite defencemen, we saw last season with the Knights that it is not required as long as you push the pace and be constantly on the attack, which Edmonton has the speed and skill to certainly do that.

This will be a redemption season for the Oilers and how happy will Canadians be if we see a Toronto – Edmonton final, McDavid vs Matthews.



18/19 predictions:

Goals: 40 McDavid

Assists: 69 McDavid

Points: 109 McDavid