HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Power Rankings #19


Power Rankings: Team #19 Vegas Golden Knights


Fans may not be to happy about this decision but I think this season the Knights slightly fall out of a playoff spot and miss the playoffs in their sophomore season.

The Knights last season broke record after record, turning heads and proving the whole hockey world wrong that an expansion team could not be competitive. That a team full of castoffs, misfits, could not be a team that is competitive, well they proved that hard work can make that happen. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.07.27 AM.png

Why I believe this team is going to take a step back is because every single player on this team had a career year. Karlsson had as many goals as he did points in the previous 162 games, if that’s not a career year I don’t know what is. Fleury at the age of 33 had a better save percentage than he has ever had in his career playing for the power house Pittsburgh Penguins, and I would not expect that to happen again.

This team had no pressure going into last season, and because of this they were able to just focus on hockey and not worry about the politics that go along with hockey. But you can bet after making it to the Stanley cup finals last season, that there will be major pressure on the team this season, and because of this I see them taking a step back.

This offseason they acquired Pacioretty and Statsny which is a great addition to their second line, but they also lost Perron and Neal who were key contributors to their success.

So while I am very excited to see the Knights sophomore season, I think they will be victims of the sophomore famous slump.