HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Team Power Rankings #20


Power Rankings: The New Jersey Devils #20


The Devils defied odds last season and made the playoffs when every person who follows hockey all thought they did not have a chance. But not only did they make it, they gave the Lightning one hell of a scare! They may have lost in 5 games, but they made the Lightning really work for those victories, when everyone thought they would easily roll over the Devils.

The Devils built a speed with speed, and that speed got them quite a few wins this season, as teams just could not keep up with the transition.


This season I believe the Devils take a step back. 

Taylor Hall was the major reason of this team being where they were last season as he has a Hart Trophy winning season putting up 93 points in 76 games, having a career year. But if you look at the teams numbers, you will see that the next best person in points is Hischier with 52 points. That’s a 41-point difference! That just cant happen, and for this reason I believe that the Devils take a step back this year. While yes, players like Hischier, Butcher, Bratt, Wood are all young and very capable of increasing their point totals this season, I strongly believe that it was very much luck that they made it last season with the large point differential on their team. While this team does have a very, very bright future, I think they are still one season away from being a consistent playoff competitor year after year.


So I think the Devils will be in contention all season long, but slightly miss the playoffs.



18/19 predictions:

Goals: Hall (37)  Palmieri (29)

Assists: Hall (50)   Hischier (40)

Points: Hall (87)  Hischier (63)