HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Power Rankings: Team #21




Team Power Rankings: The Dallas Stars #21


Last season the stars were very close to being in the playoffs, only 3 points out. They fell apart in the last few weeks of the season when their need was desperate. And this offseason besides bringing back Russian player Valeri Nichushkin, this team has not really done anything to improve their roster, while other teams in their division have significantly!  

The Stars just signed Tyler Seguin to an 8 year extension so you have your #1 center locked up long term, which is great because Seguin is one of the elite centers in the league. But after the first line, what does this team have? They are very weak once you get past Seguin, Benn, Radulov. I would not expect to much from Nichushkin as he did not exact light up the score sheet over in Russia, so there is no reason why he could/would back in the NHL. Could a rebound season from Spezza be what saves this team? He obviously did not gel well with Hitchcock, so maybe with the new coach with fresh ideas will bring back the once elite center who is only one season removed from a 60 point year and is playing for a contract this season!  


The team is still okay on defence with Klingberg manning the point, and hopefully a healthy Methot. We are expecting to see the rookie season of HEISKANEN this season, so that will be exciting as there are very high expectations for him.

This team has just not done enough though this offseason to compete with the big teams in their division. Nashville and Winnipeg will be the dominant force, with St. Louis being a force to be reckoned with this season after bringing in O’Reilly and Bozak and Minnesota has Bruce Boudreau who just knows how to get regular season wins. Not to forget the Colorado Avalanche who’s speed and skill of their youth makes them a very dynamic team as well.


This will be a disappointing year for the Dallas Stars.