HOCKEY GM ADVICE: Power Rankings Team #23


Team Power Rankings: Arizona Coyotes #23


I want to start off these power rankings by saying I am a huge fan of what Chayka has been doing with this team. He has built a team of skilled youth, and surrounded them with veteran talent. The Domi for Galchenyuk trade I believe is going to be huge for Arizona as that’s a #1 or #2 center for this team, with Strome still being groomed and Stepan there to help. The team also signed Dvorak this offseason to a multi-year extension for a very team friendly deal for what his ceiling could be as a player!  


One move I am not a fan of this year was their choice to draft Barrett Hayton over Zadina. The team is full of centers with Stepan, Galchenyuk, Strome & Dvorak, who are all very young and Stepan still being under 30, they had no need for another center, what they needed was a scoring winger, so that was a terrible move for Arizona. Lets hope that Keller does not go into a sophomore slump and continues to build on his rookie season!

On the back end they managed to resign OEL which was crucial for this teams future, and they still have Jakob Chychrun, who is going to be a stud. Surround those two by veterans, Demers, Hjalmarsson and Goligoski and that’s not a bad defence core.

Raanta proved last season he is capable of being a number one goalie by posting a .930 save percentage, which is amazing for a team that has constantly had goaltending issues over the past few years. 

This team has made major strides forward and this year they will not be a team that’s an “easy two points”, but unfortunately I still do not see them as a playoff contender yet. But if they continue to develop as they are, I would expect it very, very soon.

Prediction for next season:

Goals: Keller (33)

Assists: Galchenyuk (45)

Points: Galchenyuk (70)