Erik Karlsson Finally On The Move?

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So as per Darren Dreger, Karlsson is quite possibly on the move in the next 2 days. So what does this mean for the Senators? Well, first off say bye to your captain. He played amazing for Ottawa and no Sens fan should have any harsh words for him as he has been the heart and soul of the Senators for years and while we are all sad to see him go, this is his life. He has the right to play where he wants and compete for the top prize. Would you not do the same? Especially with all this offseason drama that has occurred? (let’s just hope that trade isn’t to the Florida Panthers).


Let’s take a look at some nice fits for Karlsson:


Teams that were heavily interested in him were the:

Tampa Bay Lightning

Dallas Stars

San Jose Sharks

Vegas Golden Knights


For Ottawa’s sake, lets hope that it’s the Lightning that pull the trigger. They are loaded with prospects and young players who are currently in the NHL. A return from them could include; Cirelli, Johnson, Point, Sergachev, they have loads of talent that I am sure would not be an issue sligihtly over paying to bring in the best Offensive Defecemen in the NHL to add to their arsenal.


Dallas it’s a bit of a long shot for me as they are not all that deep with prospects, and they Senators will want a young defencemen in return for Karlsson, and while the stars have Honka and Heiskanen; Honka has not quite developed as they would have hoped and the stars were refusing to trade Heiskanen before, and if anyone has been watching the rookie tournament, they are for sure not trading him now. He has dominated the entire tournament.


Im sorry Sharks fans but with Pavelski needing a new contract next season, you simply do not have the cap space to bring in Karlsson for anymore than just a mere rental. You also do not have what the Senators would be looking for in young roster players and prospect.

The Knights would have been an interesting one as they had lots of cap space and a few high end prospects in their system. But with the trade for Pacioretty, they gave away one of their top prospects in Suzuki so they will not be trading away anymore of their future, so im sorry Vegas, your hopes of Erik Karlsson were traded away for Pacioretty.


My sleeper team that could make a late last minute push would be the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yes I know they are rivals and it’s a bit of a taboo to trade within division and to your rivals, but you saw the Leafs trade their captain to the Senators a few years ago, this could maybe now happen in reverse. The Leafs are having trouble at the moment with signing William Nylander, and well, the Senators would love such a player. The Leafs are so loaded with prospects that they don’t even have room for them to play in the big league! Ask Josh Leivo. This could be a trade where the Leafs unload some of their prospects and maybe a contract in order to bring in Erik friggen Karlsson to that blue line that needs help. While trading away a young player like Nylander would be hard, in my opinion its entirely worth it to bring in a player at the caliber of Karlsson.


So lets see where he goes! Were all excited!!