Hockey GM Advice: TEAM POWER RANKINGS: Team #31

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Over the next few weeks I will be doing a power ranking of the 31 NHL teams. While these rankings may change during the season, this is where I see these teams at the start of the season. To spice things up a bit as well I will do a prediction of their leading scorers!

First up we have ….. team #31 the Montreal Canadiens


The Montreal Canadiens have a very rough season last year and I do not see that getting any better this season. Weber will be out until atleast December which will mean the top pairing will be Alzner – Petry, how do you think that compares to a Josi – Ellis? Not to well. Just how many games are you expecting Price to steal? With the team still as well not having a #1 center and with their captain leaving the team I just don’t see them being anywhere near a contender this season. But hey, they have a good chance at Jack Hughes! 



2018/19 predictions

Leading scorer: Gallagher 29 goals

Leading assists: Drouin 40 assists

Leading points: Drouin 64 points