Hockey GM Advice: Blackhawks Trade Advice

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(Posted June 20)

Trade of the day! The honours today go to the Chicago Blackhawks

Remember that team that won 3 cups in 6 years? Well that’s a team of the past. But this team does have a lot of high end players who had a rough season last year. Did they have the potential to make the playoffs? Of course. Did the team underachieve? Absolutely.

There are a few trades and signings I would recommend for this team.

So at the moment, they are 4.725 in cap space, but once Hossa goes on LTIR they will be at 10mil. So that’s a decent amount to work with.

Step 1: First, I trade Artem Anisimov to the St.Louis blues for Zach Sanford, retaining 550k of his salary to make his cap hit an even 4mil for the Blues who need a 2nd or 3rd line center. Leaving Chicago with 13.25mil cap space.

Step 2: I believe Schmaltz will fully takeover the second line center position this season, so the Hawks will need a third line center. And while Bozak would be PERFECT for this position on the hawks, I think he will want more term and money than the Hawks can afford to give. But free agent Filppula is more than capable at filling this void! He will come at a decent price and he is more than capable of putting up 35+ points. The Hawks sign Filppula for 2 years at 2.6mil per season, leaving the Hawks with 10.65mil in cap space.

Now its time for the blockbuster.

Step 3: His name has come up in one of my trades already but that’s because EVERY TEAM is going to take a run at him. Erik sexyhair gorgeousman Karlsson. Lets take a look at what is has taken to land a top defencemen in the past. Most recent trade being Kevin Shattenkirk to the Washington Capitals. What it took the caps, is a first, a second and a roster player who was a young prospect (who was traded to hawks earlier.. see step 1).

So its safe to say ….. its going to take more to land Karlsson. The Sens will expect a young prospect who can step in immediately. A pick to build with, and a roster player. If not another pick.

Well, heres my proposal. First, The Hawks offer Brent Seabrook. Seabrook has a NMC but lets hope he agrees to waive it to go to a team that isn’t going to healthy scratch him. Next, the Hawks offer Alex Debrincat. Yes hes a goal scorer, but the Hawks need defence improvements BADLY, and shedding the Seabrook contract will definitely be worth this, right? Also the Hawks add in the first round pick they received from the predators for Hartman. So sweeten the deal they also throw in the 3rd round pick they received from the Maple leafs.

What goes?
Seabrook, Anisimov, Debrincat, 1st & 3rd.

What comes?

But this also leaves the Hawks with some cap space, where I recommend signing Vanek and Calvert to get some bottom 6 scoring.