The Struggles Of Ilya Kovalchuk

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This offseason besides the Maple Leafs signing John Tavares, the big talk was Ilya Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk came back to the NHL with the hopes of winning a Stanley Cup, and signed a 3 year 6.25 Million per year contract with the Los Angeles Kings. Well, the Kings are currently sitting dead last in the standings and what makes this situation worse is Kovalchuk who is second on the team is points with 14, is only getting 9 minutes of playing time a game, and only 6 minutes against Edmonton under his new coach.

The reasoning? Please see below.

So a player who is known for his goal scoring, you are making him play to his weaknesses? How do you think Kovalchuk feels about this? How do you think Rob Blake who just signed him to this contract feels about Desjardins decision?

Goaltending is probably a weakness for Kovalchuk as well, should they try him there next?

If this continues, we will most definitely see a trade request very soon, as this is definitely not the situation Kovalchuk returned to the league for.

I think this is proof that its time to completely blow up the Kings!