Evaluating Hagelin & Pearson Trade

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Let’s take a look at this trade and try and make some sense of it. A short time ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins traded Carl Hagelin to the L.A Kings for Tanner Pearson.


Age: 30

Games: 503

Goals: 89

Points: 225

Points per game: .44

Contract: 1 year: 4 mil (but Penguins retained 250k) So 3.75mil.


Age: 26

Games: 325

Goals: 69

Points: 144

Points per game: .44

Contract: 3 years: 3.75mil

Both players have an identical Points per game, while Pearson is more of a goal scorer, Hagelin is more of a playmaker. But when you compare ages, having a younger player is always more beneficial.

What makes this trade more beneficial for Pittsburgh, is Pearson has scored 10+ goals 4 times and has a 24 goal campaign under his belt, and certainly has the potential to produce like that again, while Hagelin has reached his max potential. The Points per game would definitely be swayed in Pearsons favour if not for the horrid start to the season he has had.

Pittsburgh wins the trade, hands down, especially when you consider they retained a portion of Hagelins salary.

But what does this mean for LA. They traded away a younger player for someone who is a UFA at the end of the season and most likely will leave the team. And if their intention is to flip him at the deadline, Hagelin does not bring much more value than a 3rd round pick at most. But does this mean the Kings are finally going to blow up the roster?

Their core is ageing and they are lacking prospects to become elite again, perhaps its time to trade away the stars and stock pile draft picks for a rebuild. They could receive a hefty load of assets for players like Doughty, Kopitar, Kovalchuk & Quick.

Perhaps a little trade with the Leafs that send Doughty for William Nylander!