Tim Horton's Makes A Team From Kenya Dream's Come True



Kenya, a country in East Africa, where the average temperature is between 68-82 Fahrenheit, hot and humid all year round, only has one hockey team. Playing against yourself year round must get boring, but these men love playing the game.

Tim Horton’s brought them to Canada to play against another team for the first time in their life and not only did they play a game, they got to play with two of the best players in the world suiting up beside them. What a magical moment, and what an amazing expression of love from Tim Horton’s.

Their is something about Hockey that brings out the best in people, the best in business and the best in us. When you begin playing hockey, watching hockey and become part of the hockey atmosphere you become part of a family, it doesn’t matter where you play, who you play with, or what level you play at. When you play hockey, you are part of a hockey family. Everyone is your brother, your sister, family. You stick together, your together through the best times, and the worst of times but you are together. And seeing Tim Horton’s make these men’s dreams come true shows what hockey can do for you and the passion and love this game truly provides.

These young men got the experience of a life time, and can return home with a memory that will stick with them for the rest of their lives, and why? Because hockey is a family, and Tim Horton’s brought this family together so they can truly experience what hockey is all about.

Bravo Tim Horton’s this is truly inspiring and you could be proud of what you have done.

There's only one hockey team in all of Kenya. They had nobody to play. So, we brought them to Canada for an unforgettable game.