TRADE PROPOSAL: William Nylander is traded to ...


With William Nylander still refusing to sign a contract, maybe it’s about time the Maple Leafs consider trading their young star. While the team is off to a fantastic start, their lack of defensive depth will still catch up with them at some point. With the way Kapanen has been playing with Marleau and Matthews, this now makes Nylander expendable. While not one single leafs fan wants to see Nylander leave the team, no one wants to see him take up all the remaining salary cap either.

One thing the Leafs have been missing for awhile is a stong top 4 right handed defencemen, and luckily a team that contacted the Leafs about Nylander is stock piled in them, the Carolina Hurricanes. Adding Nylander to the Hurricanes loaded young offensive lineup with be huge for this young franchise, and with their defensive depth in current roster players and prospects, they have defence who are expendable.

What I recommend is a good old hockey trade, trading star for star, trading William Nylander for Justin Faulk. Faulk is 26 years old, signed to a very team friendly contract of 4.83 mil per season for the next two years, and has one hell of a slapshot! He put up 10+ goals 3 seasons in a row, with 15, 16 & 17 and could be that one missing offensive/two way piece on the blueline that could lead them to the Stanley Cup!

Nylander going back to Carolina would fit in nicely as well, and they have the cap space to sign him to that 8mil contract he is looking for. His speed and skill would match up nicely and slide right in beside Aho on that top line.

So Leafs fans, how would this line up look to you? Is it worth trading away Nylander?

Marleau - Matthews - Kapanen

Hyman - Tavares - Marner

Lindholm - Kadri - Brown

Leivo - Gauthier - Ennis

Reilly - FAULK

Gardiner - Zaitsev

Dermott - Hainsey

Looks good and a Stanley Cup contender to me.

What do you think?