Week 15: Fantasy Competition Recap


Was an interesting week in the Fantasy Competition this past week. A blockbuster trade took place! See below the players involved in the trade.

Screenshot 2019-01-16 15.54.55.png

Who do you think won the blockbuster trade? Ageing Veteran or the Defensive Liability?

Oh… and Incase you didn’t notice, Team Savard is still #1. … Snooze.

Week 14: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2019-01-10 10.46.49.png


Well, Team Savard is still in first. And all of the Wheel House Hockey bloggers have fallen out of the top 4 but lets take a look at the point per game average standings.

  1. Hockey GM Advice: 3.926

  2. Defensive Liability: 3.787

  3. Team Savard: 3.753

  4. Drayton Valley Horwath: 3.660

  5. Springfield Thunderbirds: 3.644

  6. The Goalie: 3.617

  7. Bandwagon Perspective: 3.526

  8. Ageing Veteran: 3.510

  9. Jasper Bearcats: 3.430

Annnnnnd all the way in 10th place is Complete Hockey News: 3.375

Team Savard doesn’t look so mighty with that 160 point lead anymore, does he!

WEEK 13: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2019-01-02 13.50.59.png


We head into the New Year and our standings have not changed much from weeks 11-13. Complete Hockey News has retaken 6th over Hockey GM Advice and every other position remains the same. But don’t worry, they will not stay that way long! In other news, we have had a trade over the past week.

The Goalie traded Pierre-Luc Dubois & Mark Giordano


Defensive Liability FOR Thomas Chabot & Jonathan Toews

What do you think of the trade?

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WEEK 10: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2018-12-12 13.53.22.png


10 weeks in and 10 weeks of first place for Team Savard, holding still a 148 point lead over second place. Will anyone catch this guy? well, their could be one superhero in the ranks. We will need to wait another week and find out!

But we can tell you one thing …. It wont be The Bandwagon who started the season favourited to win!

WEEK 9: Fantasy Competition Recap



Feels like i write the same thing every week. Another week of Team Savard leading the way in first place. Big news this week is Complete Hockey News moving into 5th place and the Goalie falling to 4th. Wait until next week, I am predicting we will have some major changes in the standings!




WEEK 8: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2018-11-28 09.21.18.png


Another week goes by with Team Savard leading the Fantasy Competition… Boring … But what is exciting is team Hockey GM Advice who has made a huge leap from 10th to 7th after a strong week from Patrik Laine, and with the return of Auston Matthews this week look for him to continue his rise!

Updated Point per game standings:

  1. Hockey GM Advice: 3.789

  2. Defensive Liability: 3.759

  3. Team Savard: 3.74

  4. The Goalie: 3.611

  5. Bandwagon Perspective: 3.591

  6. Drayton valley Horwath: 3.558

  7. Springfield Thunderbirds: 3.54

  8. Ageing Veteran Perspective: 3.503

  9. Complete Hockey News: 3.418

  10. Jasper Bearcats: 3.352



WEEK 7: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2018-11-21 10.13.47.png


Week 7 is now over and surprise, surprise … Team Savard still in first place. Is it time to consider hes maybe cheating? Absolutely not! But their is some good news this week …. Hockey GM Advice is moving in on second last place!

Another week of the 4 contest winners filling out the top 5. Good job boys!


Week 6: Fantasy Competition Recap

Fantasy Competition

Another week goes by and its just another week of Hockey GM Advice sitting in last and Team Savard leading the way. But this week, let’s take a look at every teams point per game average!

  1. Team Savard: 3.876

  2. The Goalie: 3.655

  3. Drayton Valley Horwath: 3.619

  4. Jasper Bearcats: 3.389

  5. Springfield Thunderbirds: 3.362

  6. Complete Hockey News: 3.467

  7. Bandwagon Perspective: 3.631

  8. Defence Liability: 3.747

  9. Ageing Veteran: 3.529

  10. Hockey GM Advice: 3.682

So if we adjust the standings to point per game perspective …. Team Savard is still #1.

  1. Team Savard: 3.876

  2. Defence Liability: 3.747

  3. Hockey GM Advice: 3.682

  4. The Goalie: 3.655

  5. Bandwagon Perspective: 3.631

  6. Drayton Valley Horwath: 3.619

  7. Ageing Veteran: 3.529

  8. Complete Hockey News: 3.467

  9. Jasper Bearcats: 3.389

  10. Springfield Thunderbirds: 3.362

Week 5: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2018-11-07 15.25.12.png

Fantasy Competition

For the 5th week in a row Team Savard leads the way over the Wheel House Hockey Bloggers in the Fantasy Competition. And of course, Hockey GM Advice holding the fort in last place. Sure glad he isn’t my General Manager! Don’t worry though, he says he is going to make a comeback!

-Wheel House Hockey

Week 3: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2018-10-25 09.48.42.png

Week 3 of the fantasy competition and all 4 of the competition winners are still leading the way! For the third week in a row Team Savard holds first place! Will he hold the spot all season long? Will the favourite team going into the season ‘Bandwagon Perspective’ climb his way out of the bottom 2?

All we do know is, the Wheel House Hockey teams are eating dust!

Week 2: Fantasy Competition Recap

Screenshot 2018-10-18 10.52.23.png

Week 2 of the Fantasy Competition is now over and Team Savard is still leading the way by 26.7 points over second place Springfield Thunderbirds, and 139.2 points over last place Ageing Veteran. The Goalie has made his way up into 4th place, knocking down Jasper Bearcats into 5th. Will The Goalie be Wheel House Hockey’s leader?

Looking forward to week 3!

Week 1: Fantasy Competition Recap

So as you all know, we held a competition for 4 lucky people to join the bloggers of Wheel House Hockey in a fantasy league this year.

After week 1, all 4 winners are leading the way with Team Savard being in first at the end of week 1. While most have more games played, that does not take away from the fact that Team Savard is over 100 points ahead of Hockey GM Advice and 35 points ahead of The Goalie who is currently leading the Wheel House Bloggers.

Good work in week 1 everyone, but don’t you worry, were coming during week 2!

More Trades In WHH Fantasy Competition


Three more trades have taken place in our Fantasy Challenge. Lets see who everyone thinks won these trades.

Team Savard Trades:

Blake Wheeler

Trade #2:

Drayton Valley Horwath Trades:

Sidney Crosby

Team #3:

Hockey GM Advice Trades:

Semyon Varlamov

Nolan Patrick

Springfield Thunderbirds Trades:

Steven Stamkos

Mattias Ekholm

Trade #4

Hockey GM Advice Trades:

Mikko Koivu

Patrick Marleau

Team Savard Trades:

Vladislav Namestnikov

William Nylander

Hockey GM Advice is showing his General Manager skills wheeling and dealing his players to fine tune his line up. Who do you think won trades 2, 3 and 4?

First Trade Has Been Made In Our WHH Fantasy Competition

Screenshot 2018-09-25 10.41.33.png

Last week we held a Social Media contest for Four lucky winners to have a chance to play Fantasy Hockey against the bloggers of Wheel House Hockey.

Please see the drafted teams here: https://wheelhousehockey.org/sniper-perspective/2018/9/25/201819-fantasy-draft-competition-complete

Just now we have had our first trade of the season

Drayton Valley Horwath Trades:

Erik Karlsson

Nikolaj Ehlers

Josh Morrissey

Mikko Koivu

Hockey GM Advice Trades:

TJ Oshie

Kyle Connor

Keith Yandle

Tyson Barrie

Who do you think won the trade? This Fantasy league includes everything; Goals, Assists, PP Points, SH Points, Shots, Blocked Shots, PIMS.