The Sad Reality Being A Senators Fan


After the wake of the Erik Karlsson unwilling departure this is exactly what is wrong with the Senators Organization. People need to let Sens fans be and not lay into them about "You have no 1st round pick next year and you are going to miss playoffs" or "You lost Erik Karlsson you guys are terrible". They are 150% aware of what's happening and it's the toughest pill to swallow. Sens fans know they have the worst owner in the NHL who will doom this franchise until the end of time puppeteering the GM with no back bone. The fact you decided that THE best generation offensive defenseman is not part of a rebuild back in February is insane!

Ottawa has had their great days back when Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredsson were in their heyday with back to back 50 goal seasons for Heatley, Spezza turning Sheldon Surray into a pylon and Alfredsson clinching the game winning goal against Buffalo to send them into the finals but things have taken a dark turn over time which make those days seem like a dream. Those were the high times for the Sens, Stadium always packed, Bars always filled, Talk of Ottawa was always about the Sens and how excited everyone was! Fast forward 10 years… Ottawa is known as the laughing stock of the NHL, Fans not attending games just to spite their owner and the talk about the Sens is always about selling the team or what the F*** is going on?

Ottawa is currently at the lowest of low when it comes to happy fans, attendance, loyalty and now a state of depression. I really can’t blame the fans tho. Ottawa has and always will be a great hockey market which has sold out the arena many times during the regular season so any talk of Ottawa moving to "Quebec city or Seattle" is never going to happen so that topic will just end here. The Sens are stuck with a terrible owner who doesn't want to invest money into the team, a GM who makes terrible decision after terrible decision which really puts a big dent in this whole "Rebuild" situation. Sens have Matt Duchene and Mark Stone who can walk away for nothing, A former captain who was robbed from Sens because the owner didn’t want to fork out the money and see him part of the team who has invested so much time and effort into the community AND was willing to stay through the rebuild.

If you see a Sens fan in comments or in real life, give them a hug or some encouraging words. Sens fans are stuck in an endless black hole of bad decisions, tarped off seats and terrible ownership. The fans are well aware of what is happening in Ottawa and they know it's terrible but there is nothing they can do except pray that Eugene sells the team so Sens can see the brighter side. Some Sens fans come across as "not loyal" but that is 100% not sure, it is pure frustration of what they have been dealing with behind the scenes and the product on the ice because of "internal Salary". It is dark days for Sens fans out their worldwide but deep down inside all Sens fans will always be there for the Sens and will cheer no matter what but there is so much anger, frustration and confusion that it is really taking a toll on even the biggest fan.

Let me know your thoughts. #MelnykOut