Should the NHL switch to wooden sticks?


Crazy right? Or maybe not so crazy… The NHL now as we know it have these unreal sticks that have made players shoot harder, more accurate and snap like spaghetti costing many beer league players that valuable beer money for after the games.  What if we dialed it back like the MLB? MLB is the best of the best players in baseball who have a skill to not use the metal bats, which generate more speed and power like they do in the NCAA and other levels of baseball. Why doesn't the NHL adapt this? I know this all sounds a little off but the speed these shots which will kill someone one day and maybe having the best players use wooden sticks will bring a different dynamic to the game. I know, the NHL wants to bring as much scoring as possible, reducing the goalie equipment and other stuff but when wooden sticks were the thing Al MacInnis managed to put it through the freaking boards and he was nowhere near the top physical shape that NHL players are at now! 

Let me know your thoughts!