Time to take out the Trapezoid?

Paul Sakuma / AP   https://www.paulsakuma.com/   - Great photographer! 

Paul Sakuma / AP

https://www.paulsakuma.com/  - Great photographer! 


In 04-05 the NHL implemented the “Trapezoid” rule limiting goalies from playing the puck in the corners. Now that Martin Brodeur has retired is it time to take it out? The rule was originally put it to create offensive zone battles along the board when a puck is dumped in because they goaltenders were getting the puck and clearing the zone before any offense has happened. Now that 10+ years have passed, with the speed on the NHL being as fast as it has ever been will that offense still be created on the offensive zone and will the Power play have that extra threat with the new age goalie being able to handle a puck. 

I think it’s time to take it out personally, the trapezoid is so irrelevant these days with goalies being 6’2+ with 3 strides they are already in the corner to knock it down. The game has also changed where it’s less chip and chase and more of a possession game. If a goalie wants to come out and go fishing in a corner while a Connor Mcdavid is flying down on them I think that should be the goalies choice. Majority of the no goalie zone is only really effective in power play situations where the team will fire it into that corner, other then that it’s pretty much pointless. 

Let me know your thoughts! Any other rules do you think should be taken out that is outdated?