Is Boston the Beast of the East?

The Defensive Liability Perspective

Can Boston get back to their Stanley cup ways? Is the youth movement in Boston enough to get them to that next level over a Tampa or Washington in the east?  Boston Bruins 2017-18 season ended up 4thin the league standing but with a disappointing 2ndaround exit against Tampa. Off the record, Tampa played out of their minds VS Boston where Tampa looked like they shouldn’t even be in the playoffs again Washington… Boston will need to show Tampa and somewhat the leafs that their Roster can match the high flying rosters on the north-east. 

Boston compared to the top teams in the east looks more rounded for an outsiders eye then most teams. Starting off with the backend with Charlie McAvoy, the veteran Zdeno Chara, Tory Krug and solid depth. Yes Tampa has Sergachev (Sorry Montreal since you have 0 good defenseman, Right PK?) Victor Headman but when it comes to depth I give Boston the slight edge with physicality, scoring touch and depth. Boston’s top line is hands down one of the best 2 way forward line in the NHL with Bergeron leading the way with Pastrnak and Marchand who will be top end wingers that will give most teams a good…. Licking every night. Second line Center David Krejci (If he can remain healthy!) is always a scoring threat year after year with David Backes and DeBrusk on his wings which helps round out Bostons top 6 nicely. Bostons bottom 6 will consist of young talent like Ryan Donato, Anders Bork, Jakob F-K and more. This is where Boston will either boom or bust against other teams with a lack of solid NHL miles under their belt on top of a fast pace east division. Boston’s top 6 will have to out perform many teams such as Penguins, Tampa, Toronto and Washington but I believe if someone does go down in their top 6 they have they depth to follow up with speed and skill. Goaltending is going to be solid regardless with Tuukka time and Halak in backup so not much to say on this topic!

Overall Boston will be gunning it again with the top teams but I think Boston’s mix of Speed and Physicality with a sprinkle of proven veterans it will help lead them to the top of the Eastern Conference. Let me know your thoughts on who will finish on top of the East and why!