How much is this Stone worth?

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The Defensive Liability Perspective

Ottawa will be looking to Ink RFA Mark Stone during the offseason here which may have been lost in the rest of the hockey world with all the controversy surrounding the Senator's organization. I can get into a whole rant about how Ottawa just needs to blow the management up from the very top to bottom but that will be for another day. Mark stone finished 15thin scoring for NHL right wingers despite only playing 58 games totaling 62 Points and what you won't see on the stats sheet unless you go in depth is the takeaways. Hands of Stone do not apply to Mark as he has the ability of Datsyuk to strip and cause a scoring chance before you can blink. This all being said his foot speed is solid but what will it be in 4-5 years? 

Ottawa is already trying to unload Bobby Ryan who is eating up $7.25 Million a year who has great hands but terrible footspeed among other things that lack in his game right now. Ottawa has had great players who have had mediocre footspeed and done well for a few years but is it worth getting into Salary cap issues down the road? Injuries have already been an issue with Stone in his career and the older and more KM's he gets on his body the tougher it will be to recover and achieve the level he was at before.  I won't say Dany Heatley-esk since the give a F*** level with Mark stone is way more but Heatley towards the end of his career the NHL just got way to fast for him to be productive. 

This all being said I think 5 year 7-8 million a year would be a fair contract for Mark Stone, locking Stone up for the prime of his career and the ability to sign an extension if needed. Stone is a top 5 Right winger in the NHL with his hockey sense being through roof, his work along the boards being one of the best in the NHL and his defensive abilities being what any NHL team needs especially Ottawa finishing 2ndlast in goals against.

Ottawa needs to find any bright spots right now in the organization.