NHL All-Stars Skills Competition: Auston Matthews

I will admit that it was a very classy move breaking out the Patrick Marleau jersey in San Jose for those Marleau fans. Before signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs ahead of the 2017/2018 season, Marleau had spent his entire career with the Sharks after being drafted #2 overall in the 1997 Entry Draft. Props to Matthews for that show.

BUT. Holy Crap was he bad.

Like most of you, I’m sure. We didn’t except him to struggle like he did in the accuracy shooting challenge. In all honesty, I figured Drew Doughty would have had the worst time. Even Patrick Marleau himself would have done better than that! I’m not sure what the official time was, but it was definitely over 30 seconds as he had to turn around after skating away and forgetting to hit the middle target. Hockey IQ??

After last night’s performance, I think it’s time that the Leafs trade him. It appears that he just made a lot of friends in San Jose - send him there.

The only positive thing that cam out of this challenge for the Leafs was that Auston Matthews is apparently a good guy.