Way Too Early Expansion Draft Protected List

I thought I’d have a little fun this week and start up a waaaaay too early expansion draft protection list. It has already been announced that the 2021 Seattle Expansion Draft will have the same rules as the Vegas draft in 2017 with each team allowed to protect either 7 forwards, 3 defense and a goalie OR 8 skaters and a goalie.

I spent most of my morning today going through the rosters of each team to get this list together. In the next few days, the Wheel House Hockey crew will begin to gather their opinions on who is getting drafted from each team and join the new Seattle NHL Franchise.

As per the rules, all teams MUST protect any player with “No Movement Clauses” and any player who decides to decline to waive their no trade clauses. When putting this list together, I protected every player with such clauses. When we actually do our drafts, we will state whether or not the player is expected to waive their clause or not at the draft. Remember, the draft will be in 2021, so the contracts were looked as if today was the year 2021, and when the teams release their protected list.

Expansion Draft Seattle Protected